Key Benefits of Using Power Assisted Exercise

Designed to fit the contours of the body to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience when using the machines.


To move the body safely and effectively through a prescribed range of motion that enables the user to move possibly in ways they have not moved before or for a long time.


Continue to help with the range of motion and muscle toning achieved until effort can be used to work with the machines to work the muscles joints and body more aggressively.



Even passive movement on the machines if used in conjunction with the principles listed below helps the lymphatic system and the circulation. Effort is in the control of the exerciser, but with encouragement gradual and impressive results can be achieved.

The six principles of using the machines are simple but very important for our bodies:


  • Concentration
  • Breathing
  • Centering
  • Alignment
  • Fluidit
  • Precision 


Power Assisted Exercise Helps:


  • Improvement in posture through strengthening the core muscle groups and readdressing muscle imbalance
  • Improved flexibility, mobility, balance and strength
  • More self-esteem — feel happier and healthier
  • Reduction of the risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, lung problems, diabetes and osteoporosis
  • Assist the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infections
  • Cope better with stress and relaxation achieved
  • Minimise and even reverse the effects of ageing – live younger, longer
  • Better digestion and raised metabolism

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