Shapemaster Easytone

Waist Away

Double waist twist exercises the lower back, abdominals and waist.


Side Bend Stepper

Side Bends and alternate step action exercises the waist, abdominals, arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks and lower back.



Tummy Crunch

Sit up, knees to chest, torso extensions exercises the abdominals, lower back, buttocks, legs, hips and waist.


Flys and Thighs

Pec dec, reverse fly, thigh abduction and adduction exercises the upper back, abdominals, shoulders, chest, arms, buttocks, hips, inner and outer thighs.



Seated Climber

Alternate lat pull down, shoulder press & leg step exercises the shoulders, arms,upper back, legs, waist and abdominals.



Chest & Legs

Vertical row, chest press, leg press exercises the abdominals, lower back, buttocks, legs, hips and waist.



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