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The Shapemaster Story


Shapemaster are recognised the best manufacturer of Power Assisted Exercise Machines in the world. Ever since they introduced their innovative range of Toning Tables in the late 1980’s, Shapemasters pioneering spirit has led them to rediscover and refine an alternative way to exercise than the high impact, percussive and all too joint stressing routines that are found in the traditional gym environment.


It all began back in the early 1930’s when Bernard H Stauffer began to work on a technique that he called Induced Rythmic Motion (IRM). Originally devised to help Polio sufferers maintain muscle mass lost through lack of activity, it was soon recognised that muscle tone greatly improved along with better circulation and improved strength and agility. Today as our own understanding of the Human body develops so then must our approach to exercise.


Shapemaster have worked closely with Doctors and Physiologists, both in the UK and the USA to ensure we have a range of equipment, biomechanically matched to our bodies requirements, providing the best all round workout available today.


Besides continuing with research and development programs in the UK and overseas, Shapemaster manufactures our world beating range right here in the UK.  Each and every machine that Shapemaster produce is hand built to exacting standards and is exported today to every corner of the globe.


Shapemaster’s vision to allow everybody the opportunity to exercise has led to some unique engineering solutions.  Exercise solutions have been devised and supplied to individuals who have suffered Spinal Injuries, Brain and Spinal Injury Clinics, Cardiac Rehabilitation Centres, Multiple Sclerosis Centres, Senior Care Homes, Physiotherapists and Rehabilitations Hospitals here in the UK and around the world.



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